rockaway Blockchain Hackathon

hot & top blockchain stuff – soon in Prague
(28-29 September 2019)

For blockchain,
no challenge is big enough

There are a lot of hackathons – but there has never been one like this in Prague. The leading blockchain firms are going to be there and we are bringing the local and foreign blockchain communities together. We will throw problems at you and it will be up to you to overcome them. At the same time, you can network and learn… And perhaps even lay the foundations of a project that will change the crypto world a bit.

And BTW – the event will be followed by the Hackers Congress. ;)

This is who we are And we are expecting you

in cooperation with

What will we hack?

Here the assignment will be from Matic Network.

Patience, young padawan.

The assignment from Oasis Labs will appear here.

But nothing so far.

The assignment from Binance will be here.

It won’t take long.

The assignment from TOP Network will pop up here.

And it will be the tops.

What will you fight for?

Four partners, four hacks, four prizes for the winners.

We will provide the details as soon as possible – it will be worth it.


What are the terms and conditions of the competition?

We tried to make them as simple as possible.

In brief:
– Participants must be at least 18 years old and have enthusiasm for blockchain.
– The competition will take place in teams of max. four people; individuals and whole teams can register.
– Individuals will have the option of forming teams at the venue or competing alone.
– Individuals and teams will register to work on a particular topic – there will be four topics (each assigned by one partner) and each partner will select one winner in its respective category.
– There will be four winners.
– Everything that is created at the event will be published as open-source.

By registering in the hackathon, you automatically agree with the terms and conditions.
You can find the full terms and conditions HERE. (When we upload them here.)

For whom are we doing this?

For hackers. For blockchain enthusiasts, whether advanced or beginners, who want to get high-quality mentoring, push their skills forward and get more involved in the community and discover its possibilities.

How will it happen?

We will post the topics at the beginning of September, so there will be time to prepare.
With a little luck, we will have the online kick-off in September.
We will then see you at the venue on Saturday morning. We will again present the topics, etc., go over a few organisational matters, put the teams together and get started.
We will hack through the night and finish up on Sunday evening.
Overnight accommodation and food will be available free of charge at the venue, as will energy.

What kind of technologies will we work with?

We will provide details when we publish the individual topics.

Is it a problem if I don’t have my own team?

Nope. An introductory presentation of the participants and their ideas will be given at the start of the event. As an individual, you can then join any already existing team or form your own team with other individuals. The maximum number of brains per team is four.

How to register?

We will launch registration when we publish the topics on this website at the beginning of September.

How will it be with staying overnight?

You really want to sleep?
Well, OK – help yourself at the venue.
There will be a quiet zone available together with some blankets, but ideally bring your own sleeping bag.

Have we left anything out?

Send us your questions


The stated times are indicative. The faster we blow through the organisational stuff, the more time we’ll have for the hackathon.


09:00 – 09:30Registration & breakfast
09:30 – 10:00What it’s all about
10:00 – 10:15Formation of teams
& checking that everyone knows what to do and how to do it
10:15 – 11:15Detailed inspection of assignments
11:15 – 13:00Hacking
13:00 – 13:30Lunch break
13:30 – 17:00Hacking
17:00 – 17:15Coffee break
17:15 – 20:00Hacking
20:00 – 20:30Dinner break
20:30 – 00:00Hacking


00:00 – 00:15Midnight snack break
08:00 – 08:30Breakfast break
08:30 – 09:00Morning stretch
09:00 – 10:30Hacking
10:30 – 11:00Coffee break
11:00 – 13:00Hacking
13:00 – 14:00Lunch break
14:00 – 17:00Hacking
17:00 – 17:30Coffee break
17:30 – 20:00Hacking
20:00 – 22:00Presentations and announcement of the winners


Extremely experienced mentors will be available to you nonstop.

Radko Sekerka

Radko Sekerka

Head of Product @ Mall Group

He came from AVG where he managed online sales and monetization. With the right strategy, he has been able to massively drive sales across markets, especially in the US. In Mall Group, his mission is to improve the product to work and grow.

Petr Němeček

Petr Němeček

Head of Product Management @ Mall Group

Petr graduated from FIT BUT in Brno. He worked in AVG in various positions from the tester, through analytics to the Product Manager of AVG Antivirus. He went to Mall Group, where he held the role of Head of Product Management. It is part of a central product team that defines the development of the group’s e-shops. Petr is in charge of prioritizing and cross-referencing the product roadmap Eshop Mall for all countries where the Mall sells.

Roman Dušek

Roman Dušek

Head of Search @ Mall Group

Previously he worked as a database specialist in some startups. Later, he developed the Internet search in as a product manager. He focused primarily on automatic user satisfaction, analysis of the information needs and vertical search in structured and semi-structured data. For several years, he has been running a search team at He is currently working in the Mall Group, where he is in charge of a product search engine.

Michal Moravec

Michal Moravec

Product Manager @ Mall Group

Michal has been working on online projects for a long time. Previously, he was primarily concerned with online projects in the banking sector. Now in Mall Group, he manages projects in cooperation with external contractors, deals with areas of innovation, chatbot, mobile apps and more.

Ilja Volf

Ilja Volf

Head of Business Intelligence @ Mall Group

In the past, Ilja worked for a global corporation, a medium-sized regional firm and a startup. He has managed data projects and projects that have changed operations across logistics, manufacturing, IT and e-commerce. He built teams in Demand Generation, Research, BI and Analytics, Backoffice, and in technological development. And now, he builds a top class data team for MallGroup;)

Viktor Šohájek

Viktor Šohájek

Data Scientist @ Mall Group

Viktor studied Applied Mathematics at CTU, then worked as a BI developer for the E-commerce Holding + some small clients, from where he moved to Data Scientist at Mall Group. Now he is a part of a small team that mainly cares about predictive modelling – a lot of time is devoted to the dynamic pricing of all products, the forecasting of marketing KPIs, or the evaluation of marketing campaigns by modelling time series.

Jiří Riedl

Jiří Riedl

Head of Development @ Finnology

He started as a programmer and later as an application architect at systems for the financial market. Later he turned to strategic management. When he returned to lead developers, he tried to work in Telco and E-commerce, but eventually pulled back the financial market. Now he is working in Finnology. As an application architect and development manager is responsible for the solution architecture, which has ambitions to get into the whole world.

Petr Stýblo

Petr Stýblo

IBM Cloud

Petr designs and sells cloud software solutions. He devotes himself mostly to cloud-native applications – doing microservices, networking, DevOps, and often testing IoT or web technologies. He does not deal professionally with software development, but he is a Linux geek and, in his spare time, he tracks and supports a number of open-source projects and developer communities. He has also recently dealt with the theme of artificial intelligence, and he believes he can complicate the future dominance of machines.

Jiří Pětník

Jiří Pětník

IBM GTS IT Specialist

Eight years ago, he began to work as a trainee at IBM. He focused on managing end devices and cloud solutions. Currently, he works in the service department and is in charge of the development. He participates in projects for state administration, banks and insurance companies. As a member of the local IoT / AI team, he has long been focusing on designing solutions on the Internet for things not only using the IBM Bluemix cloud platform and IBM Watson cognitive services.

Tomáš Kadlec

Tomáš Kadlec

IBM Certified IT Architect

More than 20 years of experience in complex IT solutions. Practical experience with complex information systems in banking, insurance, healthcare and the public sector. He primarily performs the role of expert consultation in the pre-sales phase of the project, focusing on solutions utilizing IBM’s innovative products in the area of cognitive, cloud and mobile technologies. He has practical experience with developing mobile and web applications, iOS / Swift, Bluemix / Node.js and WebSphere / Java.

Our venue

Paralelní Polis

Dělnická 475/43
Praha 7 - Holešovice

Paralelní Polis was established five years ago as one of the Ztohoven group’s art projects.
It is based on the ideas of freedom, independence, an innovative approach, decentralisation and development of society, and it is completely state-free. Its activities bring together science, art and new technologies. It experiments with cryptocurrencies and bitcoin economics, self-sufficiency and open-source technologies.

Through its activities, it strives to contribute to critical discussion of current topics and the problems of modern society. It is home to Bitcoin Coffee, the world's first bitcoin café, the Paper Hub coworking space, the Institute of Cryptoanarchy multipurpose facility and other original projects.

At Paralelní Polis, you will find an extensive programme that includes hackathons, courses and lectures, 3D printing workshops, drone flying, cryptocurrencies and internet and computer security.

We are Rockaway Blockchain

Děláme tohle, a taky tohle a tohle a tohle.

Protože věřímu tomuhle.

Jo a btw, Rockaway Blockchain is part of Rockaway Capital - a private European tech investor, whose portfolio companies generate $2.3bn of combined sales and employ 5,000 people.

I want to hack!

There will be a registration form here at the beginning of September. For now, this leads nowhere.

Anything else you want to know?

We accept questions by e-mail.